About us

Company Q TECH was established in 2000. We produce welded structures from law carbon steel, including machine cutting, painting and assembly.     

Our manufacturing area is c. 3 100m2 and capacity of cranes make possible to produce parts up to weight 16 tons and length 25m. For the time being has our company a team of 60 qualified and experienced employees. We are ready to realise ye also the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Our ability to be the long term quality and reliable partner is documented by the fact that all our production is delivered on demanding west Europe marked.

Quality of our manufacturing process is documented by possession of certificate acc. EN 1090-2+A1 from Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague.

We are ready to offer you following services:

  • - production and assembly of steel structures
  • - production and assembly of machine parts
  • - surface treatment
  • - consultant service in piece end law batch production
  • - marketing consulting in machinery and searching of potential partners and suppliers
  • - monitoring of your running order at any producer in Czech Republic (eventually Slovak Republic)

Our advantage is flexibility, that’s why we are able to produce parts for our customers in short delivery terms.

Pls. check yourselves our manufacturing abilities and send us your quotation. We will be happy to prepare for you free our best offer. We hope that also you will become our satisfied customer.

Production facilities:

Whole manufacturing area: 3 100m²

Areas of halls and load capacity of cranes:

Small hall (Painting):
Area: 220m²
Load capacity of crane 1 : 5tons

Hall No. 1 ( lock-smith, welder, machining ):
Area: 1440 m² (80x18 m)
Load capacity of crane 1 : 8tons
Load capacity of crane 2 : 16tons

Hall No. 2 (lock-smith, welder):
Area: 1440 m2 (80x18m)
Load capacity of crane 1: 8 t
Load capacity of crane 2: 16 t

Production facilities

Welders with qualification acc. to  EN 287-1
Welding apparatus  Fronius Variosynergic 5000, TransSynergic 4000, TranspulsSynergic 5000

- Horizontal boring machine WRD 130 CNC
Workspindle diameter: 130 mm
(X= 8000 mm, Y= 3000 mm, Z= 800 mm, table 2500 x 2000 mm)

- Horizontal boring machine WHN (Q) 13 - CNC
Workspindle diameter: 130 mm
(X=4 000 mm, Y=2 500 mm, Z=600 mm, Table 2 200 x 1 800 mm)

- Horizontal boring machine W 100 A - NC
Workspindle diameter: 100mm
(X=1 600 mm, Y=1 120 mm, Z=900 mm, table 1 250 x 1 250 mm)

- Lathe SUA 170 Numeric
Turning diameter above lathe-bed: 1700 mm
Turning diameter above support: 1230 mm
Distance between spikes: 6000 mm

- Radial drilling machine VO 32 - 1 pc.
Max. drilled diameter. 32 mm

- Radial drilling machine RF 50 – 1 pc.
Max. drilled diameter. 50 mm

- Magnetic drilling machines - 2 pcs.  

- Bend-saw machine TRANSVERSE 610.440 DGH (Bomar)
Cutted diameter max.. 440 mm
Max. cutted width 610 mm